Program details

Becoming a merchant at Yabemy allows you to increase your visibility online, to stand out and be found by the buyer looking for a product available locally rather than on sites from elsewhere. Encourage local buying, that's it!

Whether or not you have a transactional website, Yabemy is there to help you increase your participation in the common effort.

Becoming a merchant at Yabemy is easy!

  • Flat montly fee
  • No transaction fees

You get

  • Your logo on your own mini-site, dedicated solely to your products, services or packages.
  • A description of your business.
  • Your detailed items, with multiple color images
  • Unlimited number of items online

 All this with 

  • Visibility via the Yabemy global presence
  • Tools to share and promote your products
  • The possibility of managing your promotional items
  • Access to advertising placement

Upon completing your registration**, you also get

  • Access to your control panel
  • Access to multiple payement processors such as Paypal, Stripe and many more
  • A management tool for your products and services
  • Management reports
  • Sales, visits, emails exchanged, number of items displayed, etc...
  • Operating Instructions

Register as a vendor on Yabemy

Yabemy supports many ways to help you integrate your product items, packages or services. If you already have a transactional site, we are able to support integration with sites built around eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Etsy.

Our team is able to guide you to facilitate the integration of these.

** Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of use of the site

Advertising on the site, it's here!

Yabemy offers several complimentary advertising opportunities where you can increase your presence on the site, highlight your product line, your specials or occasional offers.

Advertising – Complementary presence
Main entry page 
-Header box 
-Product placement
-Linked logo to your Vendors page
       Vendors Page 
-Header box
-Featured Vendors 
-New vendors

Category Page

-Category header
       Vendor Microsite
-Secondary page

News/Blog Page 

-Header Box 
-Article / Informercial
       Facebook / Instagram
-Cooperative advertising

Please contact us for spaces availability and current rates. Write to [email protected] or click here to request a call.

Best practices, tips and advice

How to enhance your presence on the site?

As with any website, it is important to pay attention to detail.

  • Carefully prepare your business description.
  • Have a clear message. Avoid excessively long texts.
  • Use a logo with good resolution.
  • Choose images that best showcase your offer.
  • Be prepared to provide a regularly monitored email address to receive Orders and occasional Customer Inquiries.

How to promote your Products?

  • The first rule is to properly prepare information about your products.
  • Use clear images with good resolution.
  • The ideal format of the images is indicated in the merchant guide.
  • Provide answers to usual customer questions. These are the details that make a successful customer transaction.
  • Know which of your products you want to have highlighted.
  • Make sure your prices are competitive.
  • Sell at the same price as anywhere else, whether it's on another site, in-store or over the phone.

It is preferable to add only the products for which the information is complete, including texts, images, sale price, suggested retail price and inventory.

If your items are properly identified, it will be easier for you to gain the buyer's trust.

Excel-like table preparation can save you a lot of time.

Only add products to the site for which the information is complete. There will always be time to add the other items.

Should you require translation assistance, we offer a prompt “on request” service.